Serrated, Graphite-Faced Fin-Fan Exchanger Plug Gaskets

Published by LGG Industrial

Sealing the hundreds of plugs on the typical Fin-Fan exchanger has become more and more problematic as emission requirements have gotten increasingly stringent.  To address this issue, we offer a Kam Profile (serrated) graphite-faced plug gasket that ensures that the end-user will be able to attain the level of sealability required. 


This gasket utilizes the same soft iron utilized in OEM plug gaskets.  After machining the serrations to industry specification, we add facings of 0.015” thick, 70-lb density graphite to each surface. The result is a stable, high-temperature gasket that is easy to install and easy to seal.  It not only prevents leakage, but also helps minimize down-time and helps eliminate thread galling, as it provides a gas-tight seal at lower installation torques.


Core Material:  OEM provided 1/16” soft iron or carbon steel.  (Manufacturers thickness tolerance +/-.003”)

Graphite Facings: 0.015” thick, oxidation-resistant APX2 Graphite, 70-lb density. 

Resultant Thickness:  Nominal 0.090”

Dimensional Tolerances: +/- .010”

Temperature Rating: 900F

Minimum Recommended Seating Stress: 10,000-psi