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About Advanced Sealing

Advanced Sealing, an exclusive brand of LGG Industrial, has been a leading name in specialty industrial gaskets for over 35 years, pioneering innovations that re-defined fluid sealing standards in the international refining space. As part of LGG Industrial, Advanced Sealing continues to deliver top-tier application solutions, long-term performance, and unrivaled reliability for our customers.

Product Highlights

Innovative gasket products from Advanced Sealing include:

High-Density Low Emission Spiral Wound (HDLE)

Constructed with high-density, inhibited-grade graphite, these gaskets offer low emissions, excellent sealing characteristics, and broad chemical resistance.

ALKY-ONE Gaskets

Safeguard your Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) operations with the ALKY-ONE gasket, the industry's most advanced solution. Its unique design and superior materials provide unparalleled performance and safety, eliminating costly flange replacements and ensuring uncompromising reliability.

CHEM-ONE Gaskets

Built upon the groundbreaking design principles of the ALKY-ONE gasket, CHEM-ONE utilizes materials specifically engineered to withstand the harsh conditions of chemical processing.

CGG Heat Exchanger Gaskets

Installed in thousands of heat exchangers world-wide, Advanced Sealing’s corrugated CGG™ gasket has a proven track record of excellent sealability and reliability in difficult applications. The CGG™ gasket is manufactured with a corrugated stainless-steel core and faced with APX-2 graphite, phlogopite mica, or PTFE. It can be supplied with any rib configuration, metallurgy and facing material to suit most applications.

KAG Heat Exchanger Gaskets

A Superior alternative to double jacketed clad gaskets in heat exchanger applications, providing a high level of sealability from hydro-test through the run cycle - even with plant upsets. The KAG™ gasket can be supplied with any rib configuration, metallurgy and facing material to suit most applications.

Range of Products

Gasket and sealing products from Advanced Sealing include:
  • Spiral Wound Gaskets
  • CamProfile Pipe Flange Gasket
  • ALKY-ONE Gaskets
  • Ring Joint Gaskets (API Rings)
  • Exchanger Gaskets
  • Fasteners


Advanced Sealing production facilities in the U.S. are ISO-9001 certified, with specialized manufacturing standards designed to minimize errors and ensure exceptional product quality.

Partnership Advanced Sealing and LGG Industrial

The Advanced Sealing brand is owned by and exclusively available through LGG Industrial. Advanced Sealing is committed to staying at the forefront of the latest developments and operating as the “Go-To” experts on difficult applications.

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