Industrial Hose Accessories

Industrial hose accessories play a crucial role in ensuring the efficient and reliable operation of hose systems. At LGG Industrial, we provide a comprehensive range of hose accessories designed to meet diverse application requirements. Our extensive selection encompasses products for routing, mounting, protecting, connecting, installing, sealing, lubricating, and controlling the flow of media in hoses and fluid conveying systems.


Our extensive range of industrial hose adapters provides you with a comprehensive selection to meet the diverse needs of your applications.

Black Pipe
Stainless Steel
And many more

Common Accessories

LGG Industrial offers a wide range of common accessories and components for various industrial applications.

Suction screens
Hose reels
Pneumatic filter/regulator/lubricator/gauges
Pneumatic guns
Water Nozzles
Fuel Nozzles
Tubing connectors
Quick disconnects
Thread sealants
Fitting o-rings and gaskets
Grease and lubrication tools and adapters
Tools for installing hose ends
Tools for connecting hose assemblies to equipment
Safety equipment
Cleaning equipment

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