Conveying System Accessories

LGG Industrial customers have access to all the accessories needed to operate Conveying Systems, including Idlers, Pulleys, Belt Cleaners, Lagging, Mechanical Fasteners, Skirtboard, Chute Liners, Safety Cages and Doors, Elevator Buckets and Fasteners, Cold Bond Cements and repair kits. Let LGG Industrial provide you with the best products available. If you are looking for any Conveyor component, we can assist you with the purchase and installation, as well as solutions to problems or issues.


Skirtboard is one of the simplest conveyor products on a system, but if not properly installed or maintained, it can dramatically affect your profits. LGG Industrial can help you identify the correct product specification and installation on your system.

Belt Wipers

Belt Wipers and V-Plows can be overlooked as non-critical components; however, this can create more issues or problems if not maintained or properly installed. LGG Industrial has skilled, trained technicians who can help with routine maintenance, adjustments, or change-out of the wiper rubber.

Belt Cleaners

There are numerous belt cleaner manufacturers in the market today. Each cleaner has been designed and engineered to provide a specific task. LGG Industrial has Product Specialists available to assist you in determining which cleaner provides the optimum service, both in function and in the life of the blade.

Elevator Buckets & Fasteners

LGG Industrial has been involved in the Grain/Agriculture industries for several decades. LGG Industrial has the capability to punch Elevator Belts, install Buckets or provide Fasteners for a splice. Let our experts help with your bucket elevator needs.

Mechanical Splice Kits

LGG Industrial stocks Mechanical Fastener Splice Kits at multiple locations. We also can provide field service installation. Whether you need Solid Plate Fasteners, Rivet Style, Hinge, Staple, or Screw style, we have what you need.

Solution Spotlight

Running Smoothly

LGG Industrial suggested changes that caused the belt to run smoother around the pulley, which decreased downtime and maintenance costs. The total savings is estimated at $151,149 annually.

Solution Spotlight

Splicing Together Savings

By recommending a new splicing technique, LGG Industrial was able to reduce the number of belts used in a year by 24, saving the customer $38,400 annually.

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