Rubber & Thermoplastic Hose

LGG Industrial provides a wide array of rubber and thermoplastic hoses catering to diverse industries. Our range includes resilient options for severe conditions and cost-effective solutions for less demanding uses. Whether you need bulk hoses or pre-assembled units, we have suitable options. We offer standard hose types in stock and can create tailor-made hose assemblies to fit specific needs. Count on LGG Industrial for reliable expertise and high-quality solutions for all your hose requirements.

Air and Multipurpose

We offer a full range of Air and Multipurpose Hoses with different sizes, temperature ratings, pressure ratings, wall thickness, weights, oil resistance, cover types, and colors.

Water Suction and Discharge

We offer a full range of Water hoses, from lightweight, lay-flat discharge to heavy-duty, thick-wall suction hoses.


Our multiple hose options, lined with PTFE, UHMWPE, XLP, and other chemical-resistant materials, are compatible with most chemicals used in typical industrial situations and provide a chemical transfer solution for almost any application.

Petroleum and Vapor

We offer many types of Fuel Drop Hose, Vapor Recovery Hose, Curb Pump Hose, Farm Tank Hose, Tank Truck Hose, and Fuel-Oil Delivery Hose, in smooth and corrugated construction.

Material Handling

LGG Industrial offers a diverse assortment of material handling hoses, featuring diverse tube materials that provide varying levels of abrasion resistance and flexibility. Our product portfolio includes static dissipating hose options and the capability to fabricate custom assemblies with internally expanded ends for maximized flow and clog prevention.


LGG Industrial offers a hose for every food processing application. From liquid to pellets and powder, we’ve got you covered. We offer a full line-up of sanitary fittings, adapters, valves, and clamps. We can build hose assemblies with internally expanded ends for increased flow and sanitary requirements. We have hoses that meet every sanitary requirement, including 3-A, FDA, NSF51, and NSF61.


We offer a broad variety of Steam Hose options. Our own brand, Goodall Steam Hoses, are built using the highest quality rubber compounds, which is one of the reasons they are considered the industry’s safest, most durable, and reliable Steam Hoses.


We have many options when it comes to LPG Hoses. From economical rubber hose to high-end hose options such as those with extremely abrasion-resistant covers or Type 2 steel-reinforced cotton braided cover hoses, we have your LPG Hose solution.

Anhydrous Ammonia

LGG Industrial offers three Anhydrous Ammonia hose options. Our own brand, Goodall Super Long Life Anhydrous Ammonia hose, uses a proprietary, extremely low-permeable Chlorobutyl tube and boasts the longest warranty in the industry.


We offer a wide range of Automotive Hoses, including radiator, fuel-fill, coolant, power steering, brake, air conditioning, windshield wiper, and more. We offer DOT-approved air brake hose assemblies and big rig-specific hoses and tubing. We can provide custom molded hoses for OEM opportunities.


We offer low-pressure rubber Washdown Hoses as well as high-pressure steel braided Pressure Wash Hoses. We have different color options, non-marking covers to meet clean room requirements, and hoses with an antibacterial cover to provide a safer environment in food processing plants. We carry a full range of end connections and washdown nozzles to accompany our washdown assemblies.


We offer everything from Single Jacket Mill Hose and Double Jacket Firehose to high-pressure polyurethane lined snow-making hose. We carry a full range of fittings, adapters, and firehose accessories.

Miscellaneous Specialty

We supply an extensive breadth of Specialty Hose products for many unique industries and applications such as Agricultural Spraying, Sandblast, Hydrocarbon Drain, Furnace Door, Fume Exhaust and more.

Solution Spotlight

Reclaiming Hose Expenses

LGG Industrial saved the customer $318,450 by reclaiming 579 hoses that would have otherwise been replaced.

Solution Spotlight

Fit for Purpose

LGG Industrial’s steam hose recommendations, including the switch to Goodall’s crimped 20:1 Super Inferno hose, improved the customers hose management program, saving them $230,205 over 5 years.

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