Specialty Conveyor Products

LGG Industrial is a leading provider of specialty conveyor products, offering a comprehensive range of solutions for diverse applications. Our extensive portfolio includes Phantom Cleat, Power Turn Belts, Sidewall Belts, Air Slides, Plastic Modular and Wire Mesh Belting. LGG Industrial’s commitment to service and quality extends to our entire range of specialty conveyor products. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the right solutions for their specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in their material handling operations.

Specialty Conveyor Belt Products

Our Specialty Conveyor Belt products accommodate a range of industry-specific requirements.

Corrugated Sidewall
Magnetic Separator Belts
Elevator Belting
Air Slide
Chain Belt
Power Turn Belts
Wire Mesh Belting
Modular Plastic Belt
Radius Belting
Fiberglass Kevlar Belt
Extruded Urethane Belting

Corrugated Sidewall

Corrugated Sidewall Belts are designed for reliable transfer of bulk materials in a variety of situations, steep inclines, horizontal or vertical systems. Corrugated Sidewall Belts are an economical alternative to Conventional Conveyor Systems. LGG Industrial can help with specifications, from base belt options, compound requirements, correct arrangement and design of cleats and installation.

Magnetic Separator Belts

LGG Industrial offers several options for your Magnetic Separator Belts. Magnetic Separator Belts must be fabricated and designed explicitly for your system, and deviations can be problematic. Let us help you determine the correct belt for your system.

Elevator Belting

LGG Industrial has been fabricating Elevator Belts for decades. We can help solve material handling issues, determine proper bucket selection and positioning, and review options on the base belt.

If you are handling feed, grain, aggregate, sand or other materials that require an Elevator Belt, LGG Industrial has a solution. We can provide the base belt, punch the holes to your specifications at our facility, provide buckets and hardware, and even handle the installation. LGG Industrial is your source for Elevator Belts.

Air Slides

When your system demands an air permeable fabric belt to swiftly and efficiently transport loose materials, LGG Industrial is here to assist you. We offer a comprehensive range of air slide belts tailored to diverse applications, ensuring optimal material handling performance.

Power Turn Belts

LGG Industrial has been a solution provider for custom built Power Turn Belts for decades. Regardless of the industry – Distribution, Package Handling, Pharmacuetical or Food – we can help with your replacement requirements.

Plastic Modular Belts

Plastic Modular Belting provides reliability, longevity, and performance with easy maintenance and cleaning. LGG Industrial has an extensive offering of Plastic Modular Belting. Let us help you determine the best style and brand for your application. We also offer installation and maintenance on all systems.

Dust Suppression

Dealing with fugitive dust can be challenging and costly. LGG Industrial provides engineered systems specifically designed for your application to reduce or eliminate dust issues. Reducing or eliminating fugitive dust eliminates housekeeping issues and contributes to a safer working environment. If you have any concerns, contact us to provide a dust analysis.

Load Zones

Properly engineered and designed Load Zones reduce dust and spillage and improve material flow. LGG Industrial offers practical and cost-effective solutions. From reducing spillage and dust to improving safety, we will help you improve your Load Zones to increase operating efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

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