Heavyweight Conveyor Belt

LGG Industrial has multiple stocking locations across the USA and Canada, with a large variety of heavyweight conveyor belting including Abrasion, Cut and Gouge, Heat, Oil Resistant and Flame-Retardant products. LGG Industrial is supported by multiple manufacturers of both domestic and import belting products. From Steel Cord to Fabric, regardless of the tension requirements, LGG Industrial can assist with your conveyor belt needs.

Heavyweight Conveyor Belt Products Engineered For You

Not all conveyor belts are created equal. Conveyor systems are precision engineered for specific applications. Regardless of your application, LGG Industrial, with its team of experienced and respected experts, can help you choose the right conveyor belt for your specific needs, identifying issues or solving problems on any Conveyor System.


Abrasion Resistant
Cut and Gouge Resistant
  • These belts provide longer life in the most severe applications.
High Temperature
  • Designed with compounds to withstand the most severe temperatures.
Oil Resistant
  • From Pulp, Paper, Wood, Grain, Pet Coke or other applications with oily products, we offer a variety of options for your application.
Flame Retardant including MSHA approved materials
Grain Belt
  • A single compound that is Flame Retardant, Static Conductive and Oil Resistant is a requirement in almost all Grain applications.

Solution Spotlight

Heavy Duty Savings

LGG Industrial saved the customer $147,543 by developing a belt spec that has lasted five times longer than its predecessor.

Solution Spotlight

Running True

By changing the customer’s belt from a two-ply to three-ply, the belt ran straight, reduced product spillage and downtime for a savings of $12,500.

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