Turnaround Services

LGG Industrial offers support to industrial companies during turnarounds, plant shutdowns, outages, and production stops. Whether for emergency repairs or planned shutdowns, our in-house management and staff work together with plant personnel during work stoppages to reduce downtime.

Quick Response

We follow a systematic, disciplined approach to tackle any factory outage. This starts with material planning, making sure that fast-moving critical components are always within reach of the job. Timeliness and collaboration with an on-site professional are crucial in minimizing the likelihood of down-time, expedited deliveries, and costly supply chain delays.

Turnaround Trailers

The successful execution of a plant shutdown relies on the availability of the right materials and a well-managed on-site inventory. Turnaround trailers, driven by customer requirements, offer a comprehensive range of capabilities. To facilitate seamless operations, it is crucial to have containers readily available at the shutdown location. These trailers serve as temporary storage for gaskets, bolts, nuts, tools, and maintenance products ensuring that essential items are always within reach.

On-Site Know-How

Our service concept for turnarounds, equipment setups, and overhauls provides operators with time-tested solutions, expert installation, and comprehensive support, both before and during plant shutdowns. We assist in technical calculations and gasket selection decisions, ensuring a smooth and successful plant shutdown process.

Complete Turnaround Services

Pre-Turnaround meetings to quantify product needs, identify schedule bottlenecks, and determine personnel required to support turnaround operations
24-hour on-site inventory management
Long-term rental and management terms (cost & billing)
Staffed and un-staffed programs tailored to customer needs
Daily usage reporting and requisition logs
Blast-proof trailer capabilities
Gasket consignment and expedited replenishments
Fastener consignment and expedited replenishments
Field gasket measuring capabilities and quick turnaround production
Purchase and rental blinding needs (Isolation, Hydrostatic Test, and Blind Flanges)
12 and 24-hour dedicated transportation service
Heat exchanger kitting capabilities
Technical services for bad-acting sealing applications on heat exchangers
Specialty gasket drawings and retention
Utility hose consignments
Specialty inventory management (anode installation kits, thread sealants and lubricants, bonnet gaskets)
Post-Turnaround Review Meeting to discuss support performance, and to identify areas to improve in subsequent turnarounds

Solution Spotlight

Maintaining Progress

LGG Industrial was on site during the customer’s outage, saving them $16,250 in reduced labor and excess inventory.

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