Metal Hose

LGG Industrial is a leading fabricator and distributor of metal hoses, catering to a wide spectrum of industries. We offer a comprehensive range of metal hoses, encompassing stripwound, non-reinforced, and multi-layer braided reinforced corrugated hose constructions. Our commitment to quality extends to our sourcing practices, ensuring that our metal hoses are manufactured using the highest quality materials and following industry-leading construction processes.

Corrugated Metal Hose

LGG Industrial’s corrugated metal braided hoses are designed to meet the most demanding performance needs. Our versatile hoses can handle a wide range of challenges, including pressure fluctuations, extreme temperatures, and chemical exposure. Whether you need hoses for high-pressure fluid transfer, extreme temperature environments, or chemically demanding applications, LGG Industrial has the solution. Our corrugated metal braided hoses are engineered to excel in any application.

Stripwound Metal Hose

LGG Industrial offers a wide variety of stripwound metal hoses to meet the diverse needs of various industries. These hoses are constructed from high-quality materials and employ innovative manufacturing processes to ensure exceptional performance and durability. Whether you require hoses for transferring, abrasive slurries, or high-temperature, viscous fluids, LGG Industrial has the solution. Our stripwound metal hoses are available in a range of styles. Each type of hose has unique properties that make it suitable for specific applications.

Metal Hose Welding and Fabrication

LGG Industrial maintains a robust branch network across North America, encompassing multiple facilities that specialize in the fabrication and welding of metal hoses. This in-house production capability enables LGG Industrial to provide quick turnaround and ensures the highest standards of quality and consistency.

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