Expansion Joints

LGG provides a full range of Expansion Joint types, including Rubber, Metal, PTFE, and Fabric. We work closely with the largest and highest quality expansion joint suppliers in the industry, which gives us the ability to meet any Expansion Joint requirement.

Rubber Expansion Joints

LGG Industrial provides everything from standard-size piping joints to custom sizes, lengths, offsets, and angles to meet unique piping configuration needs.

Metal Expansion Joints

Our expertise extends from standard stainless steel piping joints to highly engineered solutions utilizing exotic metals and custom hardware, ensuring optimal performance in even the most demanding applications.

PTFE Expansion Joints

Our extensive range of molded PTFE joints and PTFE-lined rubber joints cater to diverse piping applications, offering exceptional resistance to chemicals and high temperatures.

Fabric Duct Joints

Leveraging our partnerships with the industry’s most reliable manufacturers, we offer a wide range of Fabric Duct Joints designed to withstand extreme temperatures and address unique ducting challenges.

Solution Spotlight

‘Perfect’ Solution

LGG Industrial product substitution has resulted in the expansion joints having triple the life expectancy and has reduced downtime. This has saved the customer $123,100 to date.

Solution Spotlight

Expanded Design

The new expansion joint design will last four times longer and save the customer $47,293.

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