Sealing Solutions That Rise Above

LGG Industrial offers an exceptional blend of gasket expertise, an extensive product range encompassing pipe flange, heat exchanger, and custom-made gaskets, along with specialized services, empowering you to achieve reliable seals and leak-free results.

Deep Expertise and Knowledge

LGG Industrial’s gasket and fastener fabrication capabilities, coupled with our in-depth gasket product knowledge, enable us to provide a leak-free seal for every application. Our comprehensive services are centered on reducing a customer’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by enhancing product performance. Our primary objective is to ensure a higher rate of product success by recommending the most suitable gasket for the customer’s specific application.

We go beyond simply providing the products you need; we aim to deliver the right gasket, eliminate torque misapplication, and create time efficiencies. Our team of trained professionals and state-of-the-art equipment is dedicated to meeting the stringent industry standards that are no longer a luxury but a necessity. Whether your gasket requirements are complex or straightforward, we can handle them with expertise and precision.

Comprehensive Products and Services

At LGG Industrial, we have an extensive product line that is meticulously curated to meet every facet of your sealing needs. From rubber gaskets to isolation kits, we stock a diverse range of products to ensure we meet all your sealing requirements.

Quick Service Supply

LGG Industrial can meet your needs for both standard and custom-shaped gaskets. We offer flash and die cutting as well as semi-metallic gasket manufacturing at strategically placed locations to service the North American industrial market.

Technical Expertise and Training

Whether your Gasket requirements are complex or straightforward, access to our technical experts and tailored solutions will empower you to meet high industry standards and keep your operation running with reduced downtime.

Solution Spotlight

Reacting with a Solution

By designing a new gasket to fit the flange, LGG Industrial was able to save the customer $300,000 annually.

Solution Spotlight

Working Overtime

LGG Industrial reduced the customer’s downtime by working overtime to produce a gasket that saved the mill $400,000.

Our Product Portfolio


Rubber Gaskets from LGG Industrial provide a cost-effective, leak-free seal for many applications.


LGG Industrial stocks and supplies a complete line of compressed, fiber-reinforced general service sheets and can cut gasketing products to shape and size as requested.


From virgin PTFE to expanded and modified options, LGG Industrial’s diverse range of PTFE gaskets tackle nearly all chemicals and temperatures (up to 500˚F).

Flexible Graphite Sheet

Graphite Gasketing material, typically reinforced with stainless steel core.

(Semi)-Metallic Gaskets

Semi-Metallic Gaskets combine metallic and non-metallic components that are typically fire-safe and used in high-pressure and high-temperature applications.

High Temperature

Extreme temperatures present unique challenges to achieving a reliable seal.

Alkylation Gaskets

Alkylation units in petroleum refineries employ strong acids as catalysts, typically sulfuric acid (H2SO4) or hydrofluoric acid (HF).


Fasteners are critical for a safe and reliable leak-free bolted joint connection.

Gasket Tape

Sealant materials offered in Tape form for many MRO applications.

Braided Packing

Braided sealing material from a range of different materials intended for pumps & valves.

Our Services

ERRIC Sealing System

The ERRIC system is a heat exchanger protocol that has reported leak-free results.

FADU Training

Boost plant safety and efficiency with LGG Industrial’s FADU training tool.

Turnaround Services

LGG Industrial offers support to industrial companies during turnarounds, plant shutdowns, outages, and production stops.


LGG Industrial provides product kits that enable staging of critical materials at customers’ work sites.


Lowering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is at the heart of our customer-centric approach.


LGG Industrial provides various training opportunities to ensure personnel are current on best practices and the latest technology.


LGG Industrial’s EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) offering seamlessly integrates with your existing systems to streamline business processes, enhance efficiency, and reduce manual data entry.

Our Brands

LGG Industrial is proud to off two of our own brands, Leader Gasket and Advanced Sealing. These well known, brands deliver quality products and innovative sealing solutions to the North American market.

Partnered With Top Suppliers

We have established strong partnerships with the industry’s leading manufacturers to ensure our clients receive products of the highest caliber.

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