Fiber Gaskets

LGG Industrial stocks and supplies a complete line of compressed, fiber-reinforced general service sheets and can cut gasketing products to shape and size as requested.

Fiber Gaskets Engineered to Your Needs

LGG Industrial has a wide variety of compressed non-asbestos sheets with different binders and fibers available in different thicknesses and sizes across North America. We carry cost-effective, general-purpose sheets as well as fiber sheet solutions for more demanding applications.

Sheets We Carry

LGG stocks a full range of compressed fiber sheeting materials including:

Aramid / inorganic fiber with NBR Binder – High-strength, excellent resistance to creep and broad chemical resistance makes this gasket material an ideal high-performance gasketing material. General service cost-efficient sheet also available.
Aramid / inorganic fiber with SBR Binder – Improves torque retention due to swelling properties and provides high sealability due to compressibility.
Aramid / inorganic fiber with CR Binder – Fiber sheeting material manufactured with CR (Neoprene) binder, designed for use in Freon type refrigerant service and high aniline-point oils. Also used in ammonia gas, fuels, mild acids, mild alkalis, water, and silicate esters.
Carbon Fiber with NBR Binder – Fiber sheeting material designed with elevated temperatures in mind.
Aramid / inorganic fiber with EPDM Binder – Frequently used in the pulp and paper industry due to compatibility with steam and aggressive acids and alkalies. Provides high resistance to weathering, oxygen and ozone, and is compatible with animal and vegetable oils.

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