Idlers, Belt Cleaners, Pulleys & Lagging

LGG Industrial is a leading provider of conveyor components. We offer a comprehensive range of idlers, belt cleaners, pulleys, and lagging to meet the specific design requirements of any conveyor system, focusing on optimizing conveyor belt life. For everything from severe duty to lightweight, LGG Industrial is your source for the components you need to keep your Conveyor Systems operating.


LGG Industrial provides a complete line of idlers from several leading manufacturers, ensuring you have access to the highest quality components for your conveyor systems. Our team of technical experts have the knowledge and experience to seamlessly install idlers on any conveyor system, regardless of its complexity. An entire line of Impact and Rubber Disc Idlers are also available for applications where required.

Our idler offering includes:

Troughing Idlers
Return Idlers
Impact Idlers
Greaseable Idlers
Self-Aligning / Training Idlers

Pulleys and Lagging

We offer an extensive line of Pulleys and Lagging to meet your specific Conveyor System design requirements. We can furnish Head, Tail, Take-up, Snub, and Bend Pulleys in various styles, sizes, and Lagging types to handle the specific duties of your Conveyor System.

Pulley Lagging offerings include Vulcanized Rubber Lagging, Strip Lagging and Ceramic Lagging, Weld-On, as well as in-house Cold-Bonding Rubber Lagging for Pulleys. LGG Industrial has Product Specialists available to assist with your Pulley needs or provide solutions to issues or challenges. We also offer installation services and on-site lagging replacement.

Belt Cleaners

Belt cleaners are indispensable components of conveyor systems, ensuring both operational efficiency and a safe work environment. By effectively removing material carry-back, belt cleaners minimize housekeeping requirements, reduce maintenance costs, and enhance overall system performance. LGG Industrial’s extensive selection of belt cleaners from multiple manufacturers, along with replacement blades for all major brands, caters to diverse application needs. Our team of experts is readily available to assist you in selecting the right belt cleaners for your specific requirements or providing replacement parts for existing systems.

Solution Spotlight

Running Smoothly

LGG Industrial suggested changes that caused the belt to run smoother around the pulley, which decreased downtime and maintenance costs. The total savings is estimated at $151,149 annually.

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