Conveying Systems That Rise Above

LGG Industrial stands at the forefront of conveying technology. We offer an extensive range of products that combine with our recognized know-how, services, and unmatched application experience to optimize your conveying efficiency — all while reducing costs.

Deep Expertise and Safety at Every Step

LGG Industrial’s experts drive savings for clients and cement our reputation as a leader in the industry. Our service crew members undergo rigorous in-house and manufacturer training to ensure each splice is optimally suited for various belt structures. We take our dedication to safety very seriously, and all our crews are certified to the highest industry standards. Updates on safety protocols are a regular occurrence.

Comprehensive Products and Services

Our products are meticulously curated to meet every facet of your conveyor system needs. From heavyweight to lightweight and specialty belts, we stock a diverse range of belts to ensure we meet all your conveyor system requirements.

Solution Spotlight

On a Roll

By substituting a more durable belt than what the customer was using, LGG Industrial was able to reduce the number of belts used in a year by 102, saving the customer $397,302.

Solution Spotlight

Training for Savings

By training maintenance personnel in the use of their products, LGG Industrial was able to save the customer $71,400 in reduced maintenance and downtime.

Our Product Portfolio

Heavyweight Conveyor Belt

LGG Industrial has multiple stocking locations across the USA and Canada, with a large variety of heavyweight conveyor belting including Abrasion, Cut and Gouge, Heat, Oil Resistant and Flame-Retardant products.

Lightweight Conveyor Belt

LGG Industrial maintains multiple stocking locations across North America, ensuring prompt delivery and easy access to a vast array of lightweight conveyor belting products from numerous major manufacturers.

Idlers, Pulleys & Lagging

LGG Industrial is a leading provider of conveyor components. We offer a comprehensive range of idlers, belt cleaners, pulleys, and lagging to meet the specific design requirements of any conveyor system, focusing on optimizing conveyor belt life.


Hot vulcanized splice kits
Cold bond cements and repair kits
Mechanical Fasteners

Conveying System Accessories

LGG Industrial customers have access to all the accessories needed to operate Conveying Systems, including Idlers, Pulleys, Belt Cleaners, Lagging, Mechanical Fasteners, Skirtboard, Chute Liners, Safety Cages and Doors, Elevator Buckets and Fasteners, Cold Bond Cements and repair kits.

Specialty Conveyor Belt Products

LGG Industrial is a leading provider of specialty conveyor products, offering a comprehensive range of solutions for diverse applications.

Our Services

Ultrasonic Cover Gauge Analysis

Our knowledgeable team can visit your site and preform an on-site survey with an ultrasonic cover gauge. This device is able to calculate thickness measurements without damaging the belt. This provides the customer with estimated cover life, a window to replace a belt line, and a mechanism for scheduling minimized downtime.

Conveyor Surveys & Inspections

Along with our extensive line of conveyor products and field services, LGG Industrial provides conveyor system inspections and surveys.

Field Installation and Repair Services

LGG Industrial has fully equipped Conveyor Service Teams located throughout North America to mobilize and respond to all your Conveyor System needs 24/7.


Lowering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is at the heart of our customer-centric approach.


LGG Industrial provides various training opportunities to ensure personnel are current on best practices and the latest technology.


LGG Industrial’s EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) offering seamlessly integrates with your existing systems to streamline business processes, enhance efficiency, and reduce manual data entry.

NIBA - The Belting Association

Committed to staying at the forefront of industry standards and innovations, LGG Industrial has maintained a long-standing membership with NIBA – The Belting Association. We are proud to have had several of our esteemed past and current associates serve as NIBA presidents: David W. Lawrence (1982), Andrew B. Lewis (1992), and Rich Holderman (2022). Their leadership and contributions to NIBA reflect our company’s commitment to excellence and our unwavering support for the conveyor belt industry.

Partnered With Top Suppliers

We have established strong partnerships with the industry’s leading manufacturers to ensure our clients receive products of the highest caliber.

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