LGG Industrial provides various training opportunities to ensure personnel are current on best practices and the latest technology. Our in-house experts, paired with top suppliers, provide the required training on or off site. Training programs may be tailored based on customer requirements. Below are some training programs available to customers. Our sales and product teams can work with you to determine which training courses best meet your needs.

Bolted Flange Assembly Training

A great way to drive home best practices, this hands-on course for tightening flanged connections uses our Flange Assembly Demonstration Unit (FADU) to graphically display the interactions that occur between the gasket and flange.

Leak-Free Heat Exchangers

A technically oriented discussion of the two main root causes of heat exchangers leakage, and the materials and assembly procedures that have been shown to eliminate these issues.

Maximizing the Use and Safety of Industrial Hose

Get the most—and safest—use out of your industrial hose. For this course, our hose experts bring their knowledge and experience to you.

Best Practices and Safety Considerations for Expansion Joints

Expansion joints endure more vibration, abrasion, and misuse than other sealing components. This training course covers the common pitfalls to avoid and will help maximize the life and safety of expansion joints.

Gasket Basics and Design

Our Gasket Basics and Design class aims to demystify the world of gaskets for engineers and maintenance managers. It shows how gaskets work, which gasket characteristics are important – and which can be ignored, and how the flange characteristics tell us what kind of gasket was intended for that joint.

Pre-Turnaround Contractor Training

Need to make sure that your temporary contractors are up to speed with your gasket and bolting requirements? LGG Industrial can help you fill your contractor training gap. Our experienced trainers can come to your site and conduct contractor training to your bolting and sealing specifications. We can also develop PowerPoint based kiosk training to instruct temporary staff on the specifics of your gasket, bolting, and assembly practices.

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