ERRIC Sealing System

The ERRIC system is a heat exchanger protocol that has reported leak-free results. ERRIC stands for Evaluation, Radial Shear, Relaxation, Installation, Communication.

These are key concepts, findings, and practices that tie loose data into a powerful sealing program. ERRIC protocols have been used in tens of thousands of heat exchangers around the world, with operators reporting leak-free results, even in the face of plant upsets and power outages.

Proven Results

Over 20 years of ERRIC system field applications have reported the following results:

Zero leaks regardless of the number of startups and shutdowns
Zero leaks during plant upsets
Tens of thousands of exchangers running leak-free
Reduction of maintenance costs
Longer average cycle runs between service
Improved bottom line financial performance
Reduction of fines for pipe-flange emissions
The lowest documented overall emission rates for refineries and chemical plants in North America (Courtesy of Sage Environmental)

Technical Expertise and Training

We offer on-site or remote training of our heat exchanger protocol for your engineers and technicians. Our technical experts can also analyze leakage-prone heat exchangers for underlying problems.

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