Hydraulic Hose

Quality Hydraulic Hoses are a critical link in ensuring equipment and operations are running safely at their peak performance. As a leading supplier and fabricator of Hydraulic Hoses, LGG Industrial stocks a full line of Hydraulic Hose, Fittings and Accessories for a wide array of temperatures, pressure, and applications.

Spiral Hose

Spiral Hoses offer higher working pressures across the entire size range. While they are heavier in construction compared to Braided Hose, they typically have a higher impulse life, making them ideal for more demanding applications. Spiral Hoses are constructed to SAE standards (100R12, 100R13 and 100R15) or ISO 18752. ISO specifications also include a letter code for impulse life rating. Most manufacturers exceed those specifications and offer a “constant pressure” line of hoses, meaning the entire size range would be capable of 3000, 4000, 5000, or 6000 PSI.

3/8”-2” inside diameter
Up to 6,000 PSI

Braided Hose

Braided Hoses are more flexible compared to Spiral Hose, making them ideal for routing throughout equipment. They are generally used in medium to high-pressure applications in smaller sizes and low-to-medium pressure applications for larger sizes. Braided Hydraulic Hoses are constructed to SAE standards (100R1, 100R2, 100R16, 100R17 or 100R19) or ISO 18752. ISO specifications also include a letter code for impulse life rating.

1/4”-1” inside diameter
Up to 5,800 PSI

Textile Reinforced Hoses

Textile Reinforced Hoses are used in low-pressure systems and are generally found on suction and return lines. They offer a lower bend radius compared to Metal Reinforced Braid or Spiral Hose for larger diameters. Textile reinforced Hydraulic Hoses are constructed to SAE standards (100R3 or 100R5, which can also have a DOT rating).

1/4”-2” inside diameter
Up to 300 PSI
High temperature version up to 300°F
Available in black, blue, red, green, and gray

Suction Hose

Suction Hoses are generally constructed with a textile or synthetic fiber reinforcement, along with a wire helix for applications with higher-vacuum requirements. Suction Hoses are constructed to SAE standard (100R4).

1/4”- 4” inside diameter
29 in Hg to 350 PSI
High temperature version up to 275° F

Thermoplastic Hoses

Thermoplastic Hoses are constructed with two layers of thermoplastic material with a middle layer of reinforcement, either braided wire or synthetic fibers. They are ideally suited for applications with higher abrasion and flexibility and are commonly found in lift equipment. These hoses can be conductive (black cover) or non-conductive (orange cover). Thermoplastic Hoses are constructed to SAE standards (100R7 or 100R8).

1/8”-1” inside diameter
Up to 5,000 PSI

AC Hoses

AC Hoses are specifically designed for use with refrigerant type fluids, which have a smaller molecular structure and can permeate through other standard products. Our hose meets SAE J2064 Type C and F specifications.

5/16”-1” inside diameter
Up to 500 PSI

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